Mar 13

Error: Unable to find resource while trying to upgrade to Windows 10 1709 Enterprise through WSUS

While upgrading to Windows 10 1709 Enterprise via WSUS your clients may report the following error:

(Unable to find resource):ReportingEvent.Client.167; Parameters: Feature update to Windows 10 (business editions), version 1709, en-us

This may happen to other versions too

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Feb 08

Hyper-V error: External Ethernet adapter XYZ is already bound to the Microsoft Virtual Switch protocol

When you try to add a new vSwitch that is bound to a physical adapter in Hyper-V, you may receive the following error:

In this case go to network settings and find the affected adapter. Then in Properties remove the checkbox that binds Microsoft Virtual Switch protocol and press OK.

Try to create the vSwitch again.

Jan 21

MS16-101: NTLM fallback is now prohibited

Преди времесе зачетох в следната статия:

Troubleshooting failed password changes after installing MS16-101

В нея се споменава за пароли, NTLM, последствия от Ms16-101 – кофти patch, не се случва за първи път т.е.нищо интересно.

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Jan 09

Certificate Import Wizard: An internal error occurred. Either the user profile is not accessible or the private key that you are importing might require a cryptographic service provider that is not installed on your system

В KB919074 са описани три причини, които могат да бъдат причина за възникването на въпросната грешка.

Днес открих още една: ако профилът е нов (т.е. папката C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA е празна) и компютърът няма връзка към домейн контролер, ще получите същата грешка.

Явно при натискане на бутона Finish,Certificate Import Wizard конзолата търси домейн контролер.Следи за това има в DNS кеша:

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Jan 03

Delphi PAServer | Debugger fatal error: device not responding. The debug process will be terminated

This may happen if you try to Debug your program (F9) via PAServer on *nux based systems. In this case the IDE may hang. You may also receive: “Unable to create process: Connection device timeout”

Resolution: ensure files in PAServer’s directory have EXECUTE flag (especially linuxgdb). It’s that simple 🙂

Found with the help of:

Jan 08

Configuring Windows Components Logging

“Човек и добре да живее, все ще му се наложи да дебъгва”:

Directory Services Debug Logging Primer

Списъкът е огромен, но не очаквам да е изчерпателен.

Jan 15

“Could not retrieve default replication accounts” during RODC Promotion

The task was to promote the first RODC in a mixed OS domain with Windows 2003 Forest/Domain functional levels. Before DC promotion the AD Schema was successfully extended and there was one Writable Domain Controller (Windows Server 2013 R2) up and running.

I noticed some RODC related groups are missing even trough adprep finished without any errors:

  • Read-only Domain Controllers
  • Allowed RODC Password Replication Group
  • Denied RODC Password Replication Group

I thought they will appear after first RODC promotion. But that was not the case!

These groups, along with many others, are created AFTER you transfer the PDC role to a domain controller, running Windows Server 2008 or later!

After transferring the PDC role these groups were created:

Nice to know it 🙂

Thereafter the first RODC was promoted successfully!


Jun 19

Java Runtime Environment (JRE): Unable to download for installation

Една съвсем рутинна инсталация на Java Runtime Environment (JRE) завърши неочаквано…с грешка:

Unable to download for installation

След натискане на OK “инсталационният Магьосник” остава на екрана и се изкушаваш да натиснеш Next…пак грешка:

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