How to enable Night Light feature on DisplayLink devices in Windows 10

Windows 10 Creators Update comes with a cool new feature called “Night Light“. It allows you to warmer the colors of your monitors during dark hours (or in a dark room) so your eyes feel more comfortable (programmers will appreciate it much!). It supportsf.lux‘s basic functionallity, but now it is a built in Windows 10 feature. Great!

But it does not work with DisplayLink devices due to some software limitations. Here is a picture of Notepad’s window that is positioned between two monitors (the right is connected via DisplayLink device):

The right monitor (connected via DisplayLink) does not react on Night light

Til now!

As of driver version 8.2 there is a way to enable “Night Light” on these devices via the registry:

  1. Update your DisplayLink with latest drivers
  2. Start RegEdit
  3. Navigate toHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DisplayLink\Core
  4. Create new “String value” with nameEnableGammaRamp and set the data to be: true
  5. Unplug and plug your DisplayLink device
  6. Enable “Night light”

It should be working now:

Night light is now enabled on both monitors

Personally I prefer to use Night light because of issues with f.lux (flickering, screen captures looks warmed etc.). Hopefully Microsoft will add a keyboard shortcut to enable/disable Night light mode easily.

3 thoughts on “How to enable Night Light feature on DisplayLink devices in Windows 10

  1. You need to update your article. This hack only works on DL-3000/DL-5000 docking ports. That is, not on USB displays.

  2. Thanks for sharing this – I’m using with a Targus USB3 compact dock with the DisplayLink 8.5 M1 drivers downloaded from the DisplayLink website.

    I see in the release notes that DisplayLink drivers claim to update device firmware – the Windows Update drivers were version 8.2, and I didn’t try this hack/config before I updated.

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