Jul 25

Slow WiFi in Windows 10

Recently I’ve switched my Internet provider. The new one delivers Internet trough optic fiber to the last mile and the speed should be 100MBit/s. Speed tests over a cable confirm the speed is very close to 100 MBit/s. I however noticed some lags and slowness on my laptop when using WiFi which was not expected. Speedtest.netshowed this:

The results are far away from what I would expect! Again, when attached via LAN cable – everything is fine.

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Feb 12

How force your laptop to use GPU enabled card instead of Intel HD Graphics adapter

Windows Fall Creator’s Update for windows 10 have introduced one very neat feature: GPU tabs & other GPU related information in Task Manager:

Pretty nice indeed!

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Jan 19

How do Sonoff devices work?

A while ago Jan Almeroth have done excellent research on how Sonoff devices operate. Thanks to his (and many others’) work, projects like SonOTA are now possible. I’ll try to summarize the information in this article.

1. Overview

It appears that sonoffs areIoTgocompatible devices.IoTgo platform was created by Itead and aims to facilitate easier integration between IoT devices and Applications.It mainly consists of three parts:

  1. Devices ⇔ Server (left part) – devices connect to the server via HTTP/WebSocket, register and update their parameters. The server can send control commands using push notifications (via WebSocket);
  2. Apps ⇔ Server (right part) – IoTgo Apps use server gather information about devices (+their status) and control them;
  3. Web interface ⇔ Server (not shown) – used for device management;

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Jan 18

What is Sonoff and how to configure it

Remote switches, Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart home in general are quite trendy nowadays. There are plenty of trademarks and devices that allow you to switch lights, heating, garage doors etc via an application on your mobile / web page.

There is one very popular gadget among the Smart housers – the Sonoff. It is actually a trademark that includes various kinds of remote switches. Sonoff devices are getting more and more popular these days because they are small, cheap, cloud ready, easy to use and have built-in AD/DC converter (i.e. no external power supply is needed, just a cable to plug it in the grid). Some sonoffs can be controlled via RF keyfobs.

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May 05

EventID 4199: The system detected an address conflict for IP address

Имате следната ситуация:

  1. VMWare ESX/ESXi;
  2. Виртуални машини с ОС Windows Server 2008/2012/2012R2;
  3. Операционните системи са конфигурирани със статични IP адреси;
  4. Cisco маршрутизатори;
  5. През “произволен” интервал от време губите връзка с някои от сървърите;
  6. В System лога присъства съобщение 4199 с текст “The system detected an address conflict for IP address”
  7. В изхода от ipconfig виждате:
    1. Статичния IP адрес е маркиран като Duplicate
    2. ОС автоматично е добавила втори IP адрес 169.x.y.z (APIPA), който е обозначен като Preferred.

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Jul 21

До тук с Windows 2000, Windows XP SP2 и Windows Vista RTM

На 13 юли 2010 г. Майкрософт официално прекрати цялостната си поддръжка за Windows 2000. Животът за Windows XP и Windows Vista продължава, но поддръжка ще има само за тези екземпляри, които са с инсталиран SP3 (за XP) и SP1 (за Vista).
Иначе казано – всички софтуерни пакети в Windows Update (Security Updates, Reliability Updates, Hotfixes и т.н.) ще отстраняват проблеми, възникнали при използването на XP със SP3 и Vista със SP1 – [ http://support.microsoft.com/gp/lifean46 ]

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Dec 22

Колко голям е Интернет?

Макар и малко увехтели, данните са красноречиви 🙂

По-нова информация можете да получите тук:


(В табчетата: Domain|Counts|Country|IPs|World|IPs|DMOZ|Listings|Registrar Stats)