Dec 30

Running Linux on Windows 10


Often developers and related OPs need to test stuff on Linux (web, cli, .NET Core etc.). The typical approach was to spin up a Virtual machine (VM), install and configure a Linux distro and play with it.

Main Cons include: you need a hyper-visor software, enough RAM, fast hard drive, to fight with basic operations like cope-paste text and files between machines etc.

Well, good news! As of the Anniversary Update Windows 10 supports the so called “Windows Subsystem for Linux” (WSL). It allows you to run natively* most of the non GUI Linux stuff**on Windows without the overhead of a virtual machine.

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Aug 18

PowerShell вече е с отворен код и работи под Линукс!

Добри новини за любителите на PowerShell! Вече можем да използваме любимия shell под Linux и Mac 🙂

PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux

Не пропускайте и видеото с Бащата на PowerShell – Jeffrey Snover

Ето и кадри от събитието 🙂

Great day!