How force your laptop to use GPU enabled card instead of Intel HD Graphics adapter

Windows Fall Creator’s Update for windows 10 have introduced one very neat feature: GPU tabs & other GPU related information in Task Manager:

Pretty nice indeed!

But it revealed something I wasn’t aware of. I use laptop with built-in Intel graphics adapter and additional NVidia GPU (a standard setup these days). As you can see on the picture – only the built-in card is actually being used. That’s strange, because I’d set up High performance profile and the laptop is plugged to the power supply. My expectations were that in this situation Windows will pick the most powerful GPU (i.e. NVidia) but clearly that’s not the case.

There’s easy solution to that! Go to NVidia’s Control panel and select NVidia GPU to be used as prefered graphics processor:

You may need to restart any opened program / browser or simply restart your computer.

The result is way better:


Keep in mind that this may increase power consumption i.e. this setting will drain your battery faster (if using laptop).

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